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4. Cart; Checkout; Wishlist; My Account; Hand Guns. Reviews . 50 caliber Black Powder Muzzle loader in one great combo. Subcategory Single Shot. Rossi Model 68 Single Right Grip 31385168769708889 Wood Grips. Rossi Brake Barrel Single Shot . I've been trying to find individual barrels for this thing but I can't seem to find squat, leading me to believe they aren't available. 3 Single Shot Carbine Operations manual BRZ ROSSI TUFFY 410M/18. Earlier this year FN launched the FN 503, a slim, 6+1 shot single-stack 9mm that is the company’s smallest handgun in generations, and we have been putting it through its paces. Centerfire barrels run from . 17 HMR and. We stock single shot, revolver, and semi-auto handgun parts kits that range from antique to Rossi M88 Revolver. The Rossi Single Shot Single Shot ShotGuns is known for delivering massive power at close range, making it a great choice for a shotgun. . 22 Long Rifle and . Finding the Blue Book value of your new and used firearms, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, airguns, and blackpowder guns is easy with the number one source of gun pricing. We’ve Got A Wide Selection of New and Used Firearms For Purchase at Our Western Canadian Gun Shop. Monte Carlo stock. 4" 9mm semi auto pistol 10rd In stock. 410 Rossi Single Shot Two Barrel Set 410/22Mag MP412112T22W Rossi Two-Barrel Combo Youth . Each includes a spur hammer, transfer bar safety action, and an integral linkage system that prevents the action from opening or closing when the hammer is cocked. 5 Weight: 3 lbs Capacity: 1 Safety: Transfer Bar, Taurus Security System Bargain Rossi . Bolt Action · Revolvers · Semi-Automatic · Lever Action · Derringer · Single Shot  DEPARTMENTS. If you were to turn back the clock and walk along the firing line of a 50-yard pistol match being shot in the 1880s and 1890s, you would find men, properly attired in business suits and hats, shooting a Stevens single-shot, target-grade pistol chambered for the “. Post navigation Jul 23, 2020 · Rider's Range takes a look at the Rossi Tuffy . AR Parts. Rossi shotguns feature a spur hammer, transfer bar action, and breech locking system that prevents the action from opening or closing when the hammer is cocked. com, buy online parts and accessories for your Rossi rifles, pistols and revolvers. 5" groups all day long at 100 yards. Hammer extension fitted and a full length rail for a scope. Buy guns online and ship free anywhere in USA! We stock specialty brands such as Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, JP Rifles, Cooper Firearms, Caesar Guerini, Cabot, and Les Baer in addition to standard brands like Smith & Wesson, Glock, Ruger, Savage, and Springfield Armory. S. 45-70 and 7. 410 single shot shotgun and shoots a variety of ammunition. Recently I bought a . com. 44 Rem Mag, . 22LR Pistol · View Details. Welcome to ShopRossi. Rossi Single Shot Shotgun-Rifle Replacement Stock & Forend The ATI Shotforce Rossi stock package comes with aftermarket six-position adjustable shotgun/rifle pistol grip stock and forend. Seller Since Great deals on Rossi Shotgun Parts. This firearm is available for In-Store Pickup or shipment to an FFL Dealer near you. Commandez vos Armes sur . FS: A Richard 12 gauge: FS: American gun 16ga double barrel: FS: Saxon Belgium 12ga double barrel: FS: H&R gamester 12 gauge mag fed 12 gauge. 18 May 2017 Having shot numerous single and double barrel 12, 16, and 20 gauge NFA SBS and AOW pistol shotguns with barrels from 6" to 12" using both  Firearms bearing the Rossi name have led the way in design and engineering, all the while remaining an affordable product without any sacrifice to quality. He killed a Cow Elk with one shot at about 75 yards IIRC. 5 inches, 22 inches, 23 inches, and 28 inches. If the Rossi is half the gun the one I have is I would say its well worth the price. rossi. I did forget to Rossi Matched Pair Youth Rifle -Each pair includes a scope mount base, hammer extension and removable cheekpiece allowing adjustments for proper fit with each barrel. Rossi Youth Single Shot 20 ga 22" FREE SHIPPING on orders over $90! * How to order a firearm: See The Guide. Rossi Youth Single Shot SS0202211Y Shotguns for sale from Guns Inc. Trusted for years, the redesigned ergonomic stock and forend add increased performance and modern good-looks. ,. 5″ Barrel, Blue Finish – Rossi S411220BS” Cancel reply. 38/. Henry Single Shot Rifle With a design based on simplicity, the Henry® Single Shot Rifle provides shooters with an ultra-reliable, centerfire rifle that's high on quality and performance. Find new & used bolt action, lever action, and single shot Rossi Rifles from various calibers for sale. Our understanding is that only about 50-60 of the full sized 18″ versions entered the country. This combination long gun package is unequalled, having been recognized as the best 'youth-size' gun and a top notch 'full-size' backpack take-along. Sep 08, 2015 · Additional barrels for Rossi Single Shots. 99; $369. Scroll down to view live inventory. Each includes a spur hammer, transfer bar safety action and an integral linkage system that prevents the action from opening or closing when the hammer is cocked. Jun 04, 2015 · Gun Buyer's Guide 2015 takes a look at some of the 'oddball' firearms including single-shot rifles and a number of interesting shotguns. idk any thing about cva, but all of the H&R single shot rifles and slug guns were extremely accurate once the right load was found. 410 - Appalachian Gun, Pawn, Range & Training: a premium sporting goods retailer Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 ruger security 9 3. Rossi handguns are manufactured under license by Taurus. (in stock) 0. Six Position Adjustable Stock with Pistol Grip Forend. 22LR,. Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. 75 Lbs. Finish: Blued The Rossi Matched Pair has set the standard for 2-barrel guns. Fits Most Rossi rifles and shotguns except for the Rossi Wizard. Lower Receivers. Guns Firearms Fine Vintage Collectible Single shot Rifles Custom rifles for sale bought sold Livingston Montana. Apr 20, 2016 · The Rossi Wizard is actually a weapons system that features interchangeable barrels. I mounted the Leopold see-thru rings under a scope that served me well in the past & it's a Simmons 4-12x40 8-point scope. Founded in 1889, and is a well-known manufacturer of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. 243 Win. NZ$599  Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. Apr 01, 2011 · A Savage 219 single-shot in. My daughter needs 2 fingers to pull the trigger. 410/. Owner's manual; Rossi Tuffy . Read More Let us Rossi Ranch Hand . com Contact: info@riders-range. 357 would have decidedly low demand though. 380 ACP. Millions have, and continue to be made. sadly, remington decided they didn't need an american made line of single shot weapons. ROSSI-- BRAZTECH Single Shot Shotguns . 223,. They are commonly used by gardeners and farmers for pest control. 62 NATO Break-Open Rifle. The rifle has camo tape on the stock & forend, comes with open sights. Category Rifles. 17 HMR, . Each round ejects outta the barrel which I think is pretty awesome. 357 Magnum: The poor man’s revolver If you’re like me and just enjoy shooting, consider giving the Rossi a look. Hallowell & Co. 00 $159. 45 Long Colt Puma Stainless Lever Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H 719-528-6301 | sales@thegunoutlet. com Rossi Youth Single Shot 13766 - . While I have not had an H&R 45/70, that, the 30-30, and the 357 (reamed to 357 Max) are among the most popular and consistently satisfying to consumers. Apr 07, 2009 · I recently purchased one of the new single shot Rossi Turkey Guns chambered for 3-1/2" shells. 63x39, the same low-cost ammo used by the AK-47. We have Rossi 92 Puma Rifle Scope Mount and accessories on sale. The parties have agreed to settle. Got my wife a Rossi . Based on the same platform as its bolt-action counterpart, the gun is made in Brazil and illustrates how modern gun manufacturing has become worldwide. It's perfect for teaching shooting and hunting skills with a single shot design and interchangeable barrels. 243 youth model. 40. 5in 410 bore nickel 1rd. I also fired a 12-gauge polymer flare gun with a regular 12-gauge shell in it ONCE. Find a wide array of single-shot shotguns from top brands Midland, Browning, Savage Arms, Rossi and more at dirt-cheap prices. The gun breaks open for auto ejecting and loading like a double barrel shotgun and then you insert 1 cartridge into the hole, then close it, then pull back the hammer, then pull the trigger. 5" CHAMBER:3" CHOKE TUBES:Modified ADDL INFO:Youth Mar 17, 2010 · All Rossi firearms also incorporate a transfer bar mechanism and a manual safety on a single shot, break-open design in which the breech cannot be closed or opened if the hammer is cocked. 5 lbs Capacity: 1 Safety: Transfer Bar Receiver: Matte Black Chamber: 3 Chokes: Fixed Modified Choke Butt Plate: Vented Recoil Pad Features: 3 Chamber With Ejector; Stock With Cartridge Capacity. matched pair for next to nothing. I use it till I decide what I really want. Whether you're a beginner or just looking for dependable, straightforward long gun, Rossi won't Cheaper Than Dirt has a great selection of single-shot . MGW proudly carries the quality made shotguns and rifles from Rossi. riders-range. 357 break barrel. 3X57R, set trigger from the early 1900's. 22 LR rifle and light gauge. Single Shot . com, the world's largest gun auction site. Rossi single shot replacement stock fits most Rossi Shotgun and Rifle models, including. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Rossi ~ S2022243 ~ . These light weight 3 1/2 pound guns have an overall length of 28 1/8 inches and will easily fit under a car seat. You get much more gun for the money These springs are made from stainless steel, and will help keep your magazine free from rust. single shot Stainless barrel and action with synthetic stock. 5; Pistol Ammo Type: Hunting; Manufacturer warranty - labor: 1 year. Stock up today! Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. Fitted with 23" barrel, wood stock and choice of matte blue or stainless steel finish. Single Shot Rifles Click on thumbnail. Feb 02, 2017 · The Rossi Shotgun Pistol is Restricted in Canada and is classified as a pistol so it's barrel can be as short as 106mm!!! So far we've put an insane amount of hot rounds through it and is holding Rossi Trifecta Single-Shot Combos Item: IK-290967 Please see the notes in the yellow box for information on how to purchase this firearm. 99; In Stock Brand We have a wide variety of single shot rifles for sale in many calibers and designs. Click here for more details. Ruger American Rimfire Standard Bolt-Action Rifle 22 LR 18" Threaded Barrel 1/2" x 28 Thread Pitch Satin Blued Fin The break-open, single-shot shotgun is the epitome of "the gun as a tool". 62″ Ruger Blackhawk. 410 combo. The Rossi Single Shot Youth Shotgun is the perfect example of a time less design loved by many. Single shot Youth gun with two-barrels. 410 Bore Single-Shot Shotgun. rossi single shot 410 break open. 410 18. 45 Colt/. Rossi A good break-open or single-shot shotgun can be the difference between a good or bad trip hunting trip. $0 Fees. soft points and it is much better. rossi single shot 18. 44 Magnum,. Was told they were/had not, but had dropped some models. I got this gun really cheap and holds the title of beater gun in my collection so it's perfect to practice on. Rossi Single Shot Turkey 410 Shotgun 26" Barrel The Rossi Turkey shotgun is designed to be ready for turkey hunting right out of the box. This single-shot break action rifle is available in different barrel lengths – 18. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. Especially now that ambulance-chasing tort lawyers have manufacturers running scared so they set their triggers so tight you could enter them as resistance in a tractor pull. Condition: 3 - Good: Parts that have been used but are still in mechanically good condition. Rossi firearms are imported from Brazil by BrazTech. Website: www. Product Description Rossi Match Pair Single Shot Pistol,. The Single Shot was beautiful, strong, and well-made in every detail. , Hardwood Stock, Hammer Extension, Sling, Scope: Only $239! Single-Shot Rifle Offered in a variety of configurations. $49. [62] [63] Although a "six gun" can refer to any six-chambered revolver, it is typically a reference to the Colt Single Action Army , or its modern look-alikes such as the Ruger Vaquero and Beretta Stampede . i despise slugs of any kind and so does my shoulder. All sales are final. having said all this. Rossi Single Shot Maine FAMILY:Rossi Rifle Series MODEL:Rossi Single Shot TYPE:Shotgun ACTION:Single Shot FINISH:Blue STOCK/FRAME:Synthetic Stock SPC FEATURE:Youth Model WEIGHT:3. CALIBER/GAUGE:410 Bore CAPACITY:1 BARREL:22" OVERALL LENGTH:35. R. For precision firearms, look to Tombstone Tactical. Owner's Manual for the Rossi Single Barrel Shotgun,. Sharing the same action as our single-shot rifle, our new break-top shotgun in . Below is a list of Rossi’s most popular single shot rifles, don’t worry if you can’t find your gun’s model, we still want to buy it. Lower & Bolt Action Receivers. You must be logged in to post a review. Marlin 1895, Henry Single Shot, CZ 527 Carbine Sauer Tell Rifle, single shot, 9. Rossi Single Shot Shotgun -Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. Johnny Dicks in Strongsville had single shot rifles on sale a couple weeks ago for 199. Shop for hard to find parts from Rossi today! Feb 17, 2016 · Me going over a very cool 20 gauge, that is inexpensive and shoots great. LAZER ARMS SINGLE SHOT SHOTGUN, 410, 3”, 28” BARREL. Please check your State Feb 12, 2019 · One of the newer ones that just arrived is the Rossi RS22. The Rossi gun in question, is a single shot break open rifle - there is no "feeding". Rossi Single Shot Youth Combo Parts Trigger Guard Hammer Pins Springs Lock. These can be had for under $200. With its redesigned thumbhole/pistol grip stock and short length-of-pull, the Tuffy is an ideal “truck gun” and great for small-frame shooters. The cylinder in a six gun is often called a "wheel", and the six gun is itself often called a "wheel gun". Rossi . 45 Long Colt,. Single Shot We have a wide range of shot gun parts kits, covering everything from over under to advanced semi-automatic and even side by side or single shot. P. Rossi Rossi Single Shot 410 Bore Single Shot Shotgun, 22″ Barrel, Blue Finish – Rossi SS4112211Y $ 120. Most serious trapshooters use an over-under on doubles and then switch to a single-shot for shooting at handicap distances. Read More Let us Featuring a spurred hammer firing system and transfer bar safety with integrated linkage to prevent opening or closing the action while the hammer is cocked, the Rossi single-shot delivers modern safety and fine-tuned performance in a classic design. FS: Rossi Tuffy 410 single shot. Products may vary from those depicted, and Rossi reserve the right to modify, change or discontinue product, pricing or features at any time without prior notice. May 14, 2013 · Based on my experience, Rossis are very hit or miss, and with their single shots, are more miss than hit. 99; Style: Trailblazer Firearms Lifecard 22LR Folding Single-Shot Pistol $399. I have shot a three shot group with the Federal Vital Shock 100gr. It weighs 5 to 6. Each includes a spur  Rossi shotguns use the timeless single shot break open breech design updated with the most modern safety features. 99. Welcome to the small arms section of the online shop of Waffen Ferkinghoff. 243/20ga. Synthetic stock with cheekpiece, hammer extension, Weaver-type scope base, sling swivels, recoil pad, and fiber optic front and rear sights. $0 Down. Rifles with oiled hardwood walnut stock. It’s a semiautomatic complete with an all-weather synthetic stock and blowback action—all for an affordable $139 suggested retail. Aug 02, 2013 · Remembering that . Rossi For Sale at GunAuction. Problem is the trigger pull measures an honest 17 pounds!!!!! Not what you want in a rifle for a new shooter. Help finding disassembly guide for a Rossi single shot 12ga. Last time I looked the least expensive Browning BT-99 Trap was $1300 and the Perazzi MX15 would set you back just over $10,000. 95 Two years ago I bought a used Rossi single shot rifle in . 95 and was marketed as a general purpose utility shotgun perfect for "Fishing - Hunting - Camping - Back Packing - Survival - Home Defense - Truck or Jeep Gun. 45 Colt or. The Settlement includes owners of Rossi brand . ray sophy. Rossi Single barrel Shotgun Operations manual Ruger Hawkeye Single Shot Pistol Operations manual Ruger No. 243 Rifles. 99; Rossi Wizard 243 Winchester Single Shot Rifle $306. Rossi single shot rifles are drilled and tapped to accept Weaver style scope mount bases and have adjustable sights as standard equipment. I can't find a slug this gun can't shot accurately. 8 Weight: 4. Got mine at Dick's for 109, and a rebate I have to send to Rossi Rossi Single Shot Maine FAMILY:Rossi Rifle Series MODEL:Rossi Single Shot TYPE:Shotgun ACTION:Single Shot FINISH:Blue STOCK/FRAME:Synthetic Stock SPC FEATURE:Youth Model WEIGHT:3. We both like the trigger, seems just right to me, maybe a tad to heavy. Rossi Gun Parts Items per page: 32 64 128 Sort By Position Name Price Rating filter Rossi Model: Single Shot If you desire a powerful, reliable and versatile weapon, you can't go wrong with the Rossi Single Shot Single Shot Shotgun. 25 lb, and a price tag of $139 (MSRP). The 24" rifled barrel comes with a gold bead front sight and a Weaver-style scope base. Whether you're a beginner or just looking for dependable, straightforward long gun, Rossi won't Earlier this year FN launched the FN 503, a slim, 6+1 shot single-stack 9mm that is the company’s smallest handgun in generations, and we have been putting it through its paces. 22/410. 12, 20, and. 45 Colt Lever-Action Pistol with Large Loop $579. 1 14 Leather Rossi 92 Gun Sling No Drill Sling For The Rossi 92 Rifle Only. One barrel is chambered for. Model: Single Shot Tuffy Type: Shotgun: Single Shot Caliber: 410 Gauge Finish: Matte Black Action: Single Shot Sight: Bead Barrel Length: 18. Handguns. This shooters fires just a couple hot shotgun slugs out of this wicked little beast before he calls it quits. America’s leading shotgun parts supplier. My recommendation for a good, affordable pump shotgun would be a Maverick 88 Security. Rossi Single Shot 20 Ga. The RB22M is made in Brazil and imported under the Rossi The Rossi Pomba single shot rifles are very well made. Free shipping. Steel Storm Umbrex single shot Or full auto BB gun I used it twice to kill rats ! 24 1/2' barrel with full length solid rib and a kahles 8x56 scope in claw mounts single trigger extractor splinter forearm pistol grip excellent condition 8lbs x 14 1/4 lop Centerfire Rifles , Single Shot Rifles Shop online for the best selection and prices of 410 Bore Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters from top brands like Browning, Remington, Winchester, Savage, and many more. Check back regularly, because our stock is always changing. Built on a rugged and ergonomic polymer stock platform, these rifles combine free-float barrels and exceptional trigger performance for target shooting and small-game. Rossi break action shotgun models, such as the Youth and Tuffy chambered in 12ga, 20ga or. If you’re looking for extremely rugged and versatile firearms, Rossi is an excellent company to shop with. 2. I'd go for it if you wanted a . It is a single-shot, 20 gauge, synthetic stock, 28-inch barrel shotgun, with a break-open action, a weight of 5. 243 Win,. The metal work fit and finish is excellent and the wooden stocks are a good quality with a good 1 inch rubber recoil pad. through . Firearms served as a valuable tool, not just a recreational item. 5 Overall Length: 30. The Rossi Tuffy is a single-shot . 22 WMR are ideal shooting platforms for new and seasoned shooters alike. Single-shot pistols that are top-break or bolt-action with a barrel length of at least 6 inches and have an overall length of at Rossi Circuit Judge is prohibited. The recoil really got my attention. Please reload the page and login again. they can be found at shops all over used and the ultra slug in 20 ga has a stellar reputation. Compare Rossi Matched Pair. 99" Calibers/ Gauges: 12 Gauge: Completeness: 4 - Nearly Complete: Potentially missing some small parts such as pins, springs, etc. Reb Plus it's got that good looking carrying bag too. In her purest form, the Wizard is a single-shot hammer gun and she doesn’t get much more complicated than that. 90: 0 Here is a picture of my new Rossi single-shot in . What's in the Box. 357 Revolver models made between January 1, 2005, and December 31, 2017 (called the “Class Revolvers”). Used Rossi single shot break open rifle in 7. Finance your dream gun today with Shoot Now Pay Later® The process is simple and easy. But it would not group the Federal Power Shock 100gr or the Winchester 100gr. Soft vented Rossi Circuit Judge Tuffy 45LC/. 62X39 in excellent condition. Whether it’s a Rossi 410 barrel, Rossi wizard barrels, a Rossi 243 barrel, Rossi break action barrels or a Rossi 410 barrel only, Rossi is an excellent provider of sturdy guns and gun parts. 8 Jun 2012 This handy single-shot pistol arrives with a . The Rossi name represents a piece of firearm history and a tradition of excellence. 22 Long Rifle, while the The Rossi. I think he will love it. 22LR. Sling swivels are also provided . Re: single shot turkey guns Post by Grumpy » July 1st, 2012, 5:59 pm I think the NE arms handi-rifle can be sent back to factory and they will fit a shotgun barrel of your choice of guages and chokes for it, hence you will have a good accurate rifle and the ability to interchange barrels to a shot gun. Jul 14, 2020 · Preowned, Excellent Condition, Rossi Full-Size Single-Shot Rifle, . See our huge selection of gun parts for sale today. The Pick 4 is a single shot breech-loader with 4 interchangeable barrels –. The compact and light design also makes it the perfect choice for wilderness protection, survival scenarios, and is an easy grab-and-go shotgun for the farm or camp. Anyone know anything about these guns? He has been shooting a . Finally, Rossi does offer a single-shot, the R357B, that weighs a little over 5 pounds and has a MSRP of $173. Glock, G22 Gen 4, Safe Action, Full Pistol, 40S&W, 4. 22 LR & . Offering more variety than competitors, T/C’s interchangeable platforms give shooters unprecedented options to create their ideal gun. Henry Singleshot . 22 Long-rifle” cartridge loaded by UMC, probably with 5 grains of black powder INV#94195 MAKE: Braztech-Rossi MODEL: Single Shot CALIBER: 410 GA BARREL LENGTH: 18 1/2 Inches CONDITION: GOOD ACCESSORIES: SPECIAL NOTES: SNAKE/VARMINT Rossi Tuffy, Single Shot, 410ga, 18" Barrel, Matte Blue Finish, Synthetic Stock, Bead Sight Ss4111812 Model: Tuffy Finish/Color: Blue Caliber: 410Ga Dec 11, 2016 · Personally my 2005 vintage stainless Rossi single shot (R357S) in 357 mag fires military ball FMJ 38 Special ammo just fine, and my stainless H&R rifle in . Sep 23, 2010 · The gun wore an extended choke with . We start with one of our popular single shot rifles, then hand fit a shotgun barrel to create the Matched Pair. Rossi Single Shot 410 . These rifles feature a simple takedown and an easy way to change barrels. The Rossi Hammer Extension For Long Guns was made to be the ideally suited item for anybody in need of a high quality choice. Read More Let us Rossi Single Shot Rifles Rossi single shot rifles are simple rifles that have been built with wood or plastic. Nov 20, 2019 · The Rossi Tuffy in . 410 shotguns perfect for any experience level, including brands like Rossi, Savage, and more. 00 357,44,444,45/70 give them a call 440-268-9153 JOE W , Mar 13, 2015 JOE W , Mar 13, 2015 Buy the Rossi P801 1-Piece Base For Rossi Long Guns Weaver Style Matte Black Finish on sale for a great price at our online store! If you have questions about the Rossi P801 1-Piece Base For Rossi Long Guns Weaver Style Matte Black Finish or other Riflescope Mounts & Bases we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Riflescope Mounts & Bases for you. 49" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Matte Finish, Fixed Sights, 15Rd, 3 Magazines, Glock OEM Rail. Rossi Single Shot Youth . Even a super cheapo one. I have a friend who owns maybe 30 rifles and 15 handguns, huge (very valuable) milsurp collection, lots of expensive black rifles, etc. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted Single-Shot at Vance Outdoors. Advanced Search. Features a durable aluminum Picatinny rail to allow use of a red dot or scope, extra full choke installed on the rifle. 308 Winchester/7. Henry is producing their shotgun with either a blued steel or brass frame and in 12 and 20-gauge as well as . Sportsman's Guide carries discount Single Shot Rifles from top manufacturers. It felt like it destroyed my wrist. Current Price $13. Feb 02, 2017 · The Rossi Shotgun Pistol is serious business and we hope you enjoy watching us abuse ourselves for your entertainment! This particular piece is pretty rare for us Canadians so we thought you'd like to see it here on YouTube. retired sell or trade a few guns. The disassembly of the Rossi Tuffy is generally quite similar to most break-action, single shot, shotguns, which are quite easy. Since the 19th century, Single Shot Rifles have been the preferred Rifle of confident big-game hunters looking for a greater challenge. Rossi has a great offering that might help a bit – the Rossi Pick 4. Parts for Rossi shotguns rifles are tactical stocks fit all Rossi single shot Shotguns Rifles. 95; Brand: Rossi; May 18, 2017 · Well in Canada, Rossi is importing some non-restricted shotguns with pistol grips. 243-calibers. Gun was purchased for a kid as a starter due to it's small size. $250 obo trades Using the Browning patent, the 1885 Single Shot was produced from September 1885 through the end of 1920, a period when target shooting was extremely popular. We Offer Coast to Coast Shipping (especially to Ontario) via Canada Post and Canpar (ammo) and We’ve Got Bulk Ammunition For Sale. Aug 22, 2015 - Rossi riot gun 12Ga Single-shot Shotgun ( Pistol Grip ) - YouTube . Jan 03, 2007 · At any rate I believe the gun I have is an incredible value and incredibly accurate. 22 Lr - Checkered With its redesigned thumbhole/pistol grip stock and short length-of-pull, the Tuffy is an ideal “truck gun” and great for small-frame shooters. Rossi Single Shot Turkey 410 Shotgun 26" Barrel. OD green: FS: Carcano : FS: Crickett 22lr single shot PINK Oct 22, 2007 · Looking for a little help on tearing down a Rossi Single Shot 22/. 410, 12GA and 20GA. 357 Magnum,. Note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check your local laws before ordering products from MidwestGunWorks. 5" CHAMBER:3" CHOKE TUBES:Modified ADDL INFO:Youth Check the Guns Coming Soon Page on this With its redesigned thumbhole/pistol grip stock and short length-of-pull, the Tuffy is an ideal “truck gun” and great for small-frame shooters. Rossi single shot I remember reading an article in a gun mag about a test Handi-Rifle with a trigger that broke just under 4 lbs, which isn't too shabby for a factory trigger. 5 inch shotshells and then easily transforms into a. Check out what this incredibly hard-recoiling Rossi 12 Gauge  797 Items Find Rossi firearms for sale at GunBroker. Like the T/C Encore, it can be set up with a variety of rimfire, centerfire, shotgun and muzzleloader barrels. Aug 14, 2009 · Rossi Model Single Shot Rifle – Heavy Barrel Walther opens the semi-automatic pistol to the world with its easy-to-manipulate CCP M2 in . Rossi are modified choke in 12 and 20, full in 410. The Tuffy’s design also makes it extremely lightweight at a mere 3 pounds. Shop Rossi Rifles at Guns. 308 caliber. 410 Gauge/ . I got a Rossi . Out of stock Compare Single-shot. 410 GA Poli. 44 magnum Rossi rifle to test handloads. 410 bore with a three-inch chamber. " The Rossi trusted name with two great guns in one! Get a 20 gauge single shot shotgun and a . Get your Rossi Model Single Shot Shotgun parts and more today with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. 22lr for a while but after begging me to let him shoot my Rossi’s RB22M, however, is a simple, rugged and functional magazine-fed, rimfire bolt-action chambered in . With the short length of pull and overall length, this firearm would be great for any youth shooter, or hunting in thick brush. Since the development of fixed cartridges in the mid 19th century, these simple guns have protected homes, killed game, and ran off varmints all over the world. 223. worth a hoot! Both were pointed soft points. With its redesigned thumbhole/pistol grip stock and short length-of-pull, the Tuffy is an ideal truck gun and great for small-frame shooters. Rossi 6 Shot Revolver . 2 Feb 2017 The Rossi Shotgun Pistol is Restricted in Canada and is classified as a pistol so it's barrel can be as short as 106mm!!! So far we've put an  Rossi Match Pair Pistol P4102211BS, 410/45 Long Colt, 11 in, Rubber Grip, Blue Finish, 1 Rd. Jul 23, 2020 · Rider's Range takes a look at the Rossi Tuffy . A 1849 model Pocket Colt revolver, this is a six shot pistol finest single shot action rifles made in the. The gun looked like a deal because it came with swivel studs and fiber optic sights for only about twenty dollars more than comparable single shots with out these features. of restricted and non-restricted Firearms and Guns including rifles, shotguns, and pistols. A little about the rifle. 22 Hornet owned by a friend of mine today was purchased by his father during the 1940s. You can Rossi Youth Single Shot Shotgun 20 GA 22" Barrel NIB  Results 1 - 25 of 832 Rossi Single Shot Youth Combo Parts: Trigger, Guard, Hammer, Pins, Springs, Lock. Bob's Gun Shop Inc. 410 combo barrel. 410 gauge is a handy little utility shotgun that comes with synthetic furniture that can hold extra cartridges in the stock. Our appraisers will figure out the model of your gun, and make sure that you get a fair price. I would cut the barrel to 18″, remount a front sight and make it a little lighter. This large bore rifle is button rifled for extreme accuracy and equipped with factory porting to help control the felt recoil of the 20 gauge slug round. Davey Crickett . w/23" Blue Slug Barrel/Synthetic Stock . Jun 15, 2012 · any [new]gun problems, and them with Taurus, Ruger, and S&W, I guess it's a toss-up of who's quality to trust with your wallet. 0 The CVA® Hunter Single-Shot Slug Gun from BP Firearms sets a new standard in affordable firearms for big game hunting. Feb 28, 2020 · Rossi single shot 243 with Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 scope. Model 623 12 Gauge / 223 Cal 28/23in Barrel, Ejector Blued RC122232823B Model 122 410 Gauge / 22lr 28/23in Barrel, Ejector Blued RC410222823B Rossi Model 608 W . Rust can mix with fowling and dirt, causing a failure to feed properly. 223 Rem. Jan 02, 2019 · A single shotgun is currently being offered by Rossi Firearms. The design of these guns is nothing new. Pistols; Revolvers; Specialty Handguns; Rifle Buy Firearms > All Firearms > Centrefire > Single Shot - Gun City are the leading firearms experts in New Zealand. Aug 05, 2013 · Originating in Brazil, Rossi firearms – at least the long guns – are imported into the United States by Braztech International, LC, headquartered in Miami, Florida. There are no reviews yet. Handguns Buy handguns online for a good price at Waffen Ferkinghoff – pistols, revolvers and single-shot firearms. Single Barrel Rifle,. predator calling, but seriously I usually pick the best shot and the other targets bail before I can shift and draw a bead. 410-bore shotgun. 00; $129. 22 LR, 11 inch Barrel, Rubber Grip, Blue Finish- Rossi P4102211BS The Match Pair Pistol fires your choice of. 28 inch only available in 12 gauge. One single cartridges is manually inserted into the chamber. It's 36" long with a length of pull that's 13. This type of rifle is perfect for those learning to shoot for the first time or to improve their accuracy. Bolt Action · Revolvers · Semi-Automatic · Lever Action · Derringer · Single Shot  Results 1 - 20 of 31 Browse the largest selection of Rossi online from the #1 online Rossi USA SS4112211Y Single Round Youth Break Open . We carry precision rifles, AR-15's, AK-47's, handguns, ammo and supplies. texting or email work best SKU: single shot. 95 $531. It features half-length thumb-hole polymer stock that holds four additional shot-shells and strongly resembles the original Snake Charmer. Shop for single-shot shotguns online at Academy. It takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to run and reload a single shot fast and efficiently especially under stress. I cleaned and the cosmoline off the gun and gave it a light coat of Rem Oil. Rossi Pomba single barrel 12 gauge shotgun with 3" chamber. 00. Rossi 22-250 Remington Single Shot Heavy Blued Barrel & Walnut Monte Carlo Stock. 44 Mag, . Single Barrel Rifle, Rocket Pistol for the Rossi Single Barrel Shotgun, not use shot shells or cartridges that are dirty, wet, corroded, bent or Dec 07, 2010 · Rossi makes good shotguns, and a single shot would be a good one to learn on, but it isn't really a good choice to double as a HD gun. The single shot break open breech design has been updated with many modern features which all guns man desire. 223 I am headed to the range later today. These shotguns include a spur hammer, transfer bar safety action and an integral linkage system that prevents the action from opening or closing when the hammer is cocked. 5″ barrels but due to some loopholes in Canada’s firearm laws regarding shotguns and handguns this 12Ga pistol is able to be made legally. It features\a fast-handling thumbhole grip for more comfort and controlled shooting. If You’ve Got Your PAL, See Restricted Firearms Canada. The top of the receiver is drilled and tapped for a scope base and a good set of open sights are supplied from factory. The Rossi Shotgun Pistol is Restricted in Canada and is classified as a pistol so it's barrel can be as short as 106mm!!! Rossi Youth . I have a Rossi break action pistol and I've been perfectly happy with it. Each includes a spur hammer, transfer bar safety action, and an integral linkage system that prevents the action from opening Feb 17, 2016 · Me going over a very cool 20 gauge, that is inexpensive and shoots great. Rossi Revolver R35102, 38 Special, 2 in BBL, Sngl / Dbl, Blk Rubber Grips, Fixed Sights, Blue Finish, 5 Rds This reliable break action system allows for the quick swapping of barrels from rifle to shotgun, with one screw and no tools. Rossi Match Pair 22 Long Rifle 11" Barrel 410 Gauge / 45LC Blued Pistol Single Shot P4102211BS There are no reviews yet for this item. 045-inch of construction from Hunter's Specialties. I am voice impaired. Jun 06, 2018 · Henry Arms Single Shot Shotgun Features. 22 caliber break action rifle. i Call 907-374-8008 to order. Rossi Wizard Youth 223 Remington 22" Barrel Single Shot Blemished Break Open Rifle Single Shot ZWR223YB This item cannot be sold as new due to being used, factory refurbished, blemished, etc. It originally sold for $89. Matched Pairs also include a custom carry case to hold the gun and barrels in take-down condition. Order now for quick shipping to a dealer near you. Expand your hunting season with the Rossi Slug Gun in 20 gauge. 410 Gauge 3 Inch Chamber 22 Inch Barrel Black Finish Black Synthetic Stock Braztech Rossi Single Shot Youth 410 ga SS411221-1Y Single shot Buy Online | Guns ship free from Arnzen Arms gun store FS: Youth CVA 243 single shot. FDE: FS: Rossi Tuffy 410 single shot. It is a tip-up single-shot, hammer fired weapon, with a synthetic stock (wood available) blued carbon steel barrel, and…. Check out the incredible savings at Sportsman's Guide on all unique Single Shot Handguns from the top brands in the industry. Calibre/Item: 410 Make: Rossi Model: M023 Action: Break single shot Barrel Length: 28 Condition: Very Good Price: $250 Advertised: 18/07/2020 Comment: 3" chamber. 223 REM fires steel case Wolf 5. 45 Colt Lever-Action Pistol with Large Loop $549. About 65 types of cartridges can be used in this firearm; that’s more than any other. 56 NATO fine too though this ammo not the most accurate in my gun but fun to plink with. Full text of "Rossi Singleshot" See other formats F I REARMS Owner's Manual for the Rossi Single Barrel Shotgun, Single Barrel Rifle, Rocket Pistol and Matched Pair 1HH3 READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR FIREARM Notice: It is recommended that you record the model number, serial number and date of purchase of your Rossi firearm for future reference. Prices Listed are M. Guaranteed by Tue, Jul 28. Apr 04, 2017 · I fired a 12-gauge pistol grip pump just holding it in a single hand once before. We only had a few rounds to spare, so these aren’t the most statistically rigorous figures here and I hope Foghorn will forgive me. Jan 22, 2011 · [ds query=’+Rossi +Wizard +Pistol’] This entry was posted in $251-$500 , Full size , Hunting - Big Game , Hunting - Small Game , Rossi , Single shot on January 22, 2011 by Staff . Be the first to review “Rossi Rossi Matched Pair 410 Bore | 22 LR Single Shot Combo, 410 = 22″; 22LR = 18. Each includes a spur hammer, transfer bar safety ac (read more) Gun #: 900764170 Boasting a legacy that began with the original Contender® pistol in 1967, Thompson/Center is the leading gunmaker producing switch-barrel firearms and versatile shooting platforms. 22 LR,. Single Shot Handguns are an ideal choice for beginners, marksmen and everyone between. The Crackshot™ is an excellent truck gun or for beginners as well as for plinking and small game hunting. 29. Firearms only. 22lr 23" RW94322B The Crackshot™ is a single shot, . RH92 45LC 12" LEVERACTIONPISTOL CASE HARD ROSSI PISTOL CASE HARD ROSSI MSRP: $660. fr. Rossi. The buttplate is removable and the stock is hollow, by using a piece of cut inner tube as a gasket, it can be used as a watertight compartment for a back up kit Stuffed inside this one: Opinel folding knife, Leatherman Style, Mylar Blanket, Bic Lighter, Ferro Rod, Wetfire water proof tinder, Wire emergency saw, 14 ft. These shotguns include a spur Rossi 12 Ga SINGLE SHOT , On SALE! 410 shotgun , Sawed off 410 single shot shotgun with pistol grip, price negotiable; Sawed off 410 single shot shotgun   Taurus G2C 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol with Purple Frame and Black Slide $269. 410 caliber shotgun combination. On a bench I get 1. 410 GA $139. Tuffy Single Shot Turkey 410 Ga 26" Black OD Green Tuffy Stock Features: Item #: SS1-TKY UPC: 754908233106 Brand: BrazTech|Rossi Model: Single Shot Turkey Type: Shotgun Caliber: 410 Gauge Finish: Matte Black Action: Single Shot Stock: OD Green Tuffy Stock w/ Shell Holders, Extendable Buttstock Sight: Bead Barrel Length: 26 Jul 23, 2020 · Rider's Range takes a look at the Rossi Tuffy . Product Title Pro-Shot 100% Cotton Flannel Gun Cleaning Patches, 1 Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Anyway, I was thinking a Rossi would be the ticket for my son as a beginning hunter, but I was wondering if ALL the barrels inter change or if there was substantial differences between the frames? Apr 05, 2011 · Everyone who's into guns should buy at least one shotgun. High credit approved up to $30,000. single shot tuffy™ 410 bore 26" turkey black / olive drab green The Matched Pair pistol is a side-lever release, break-action, single-shot pistol that arrives with two barrels to use with the pistol frame. 45 Colt,. It's the . Chambered for. Equipped with all modern safety features including the Taurus SecuritySystem and wide powerful ejectors that quickly expel spent hulls. 30-06, plus . and are a guide to the price you may expect to be charged locally for those products. 223 Rossi Pomba 623 Single Shot Blued/Synthetic · 223SS-002. Some of their models integrate the Picatinny rail system which allows you to easily mount your choice of optics. 410, 20, and 12 gauge brass or steel options feature the same rebounding external hammer and dual-direction pivoting locking lever setup that blocks hammer contact with the firing pin unless the trigger’s pulled, and the same interlock system prevents opening the Rossi Tuffty Youth Single Shot . Rossi: Model: Single Shot: Barrel Length: 28"-28. Rocket Pistol and Matched Pair. 243 anyway. Purchased new for $139. AR-15 Parts Rossi Pistols; Ruger Pistols Last year, Rossi introduced its new Wizard break-action single shot. Over the last 115 years, that tradition has grown along with the company and the Rossi Family. 99 Rossi Rossi 32 Cal Police Trade-in Revolver $199. Jawbreaker I just bought my son a Rossi 410 single shot shot gun for his seventh birthday, but I don't know much about them. Our friendly experienced staff can help you directly online! Gun Auctions Gun Consignment Gun Blog FAQ News & Events About Us You have either logged in somewhere else or your session has expired. Freedom Arms Inc. DEPARTMENTS. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. For the price of these single-shot Rossi's I don't see any problem, and the ones I have actually held/used seem to be made well. 99; Apr 10, 2010 · Rossi guns come in 12, 20 and 410, composite stocks, all with 28 inch barrels. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR  Would you shoot a shotgun turned into a pistol? This guy did, and his reaction is priceless. Incredibly easy to keep clean and maintained. 410 bore and 20 gauge shotgun barrels. I looked on the web for reviews and couldn't find anything. Tidy little gun. Also, it was chambered for the larger 3. 45 Colt & . Rossi Tuffy, Single Shot, 410 Gauge, 18. The Henry Single Shot utilizes a single hinge pin and an opening lever located on the upper frame. 87. Description Other than determining where you will go for your hunting trip, the most important consideration for your hunting trip is choosing the right rifle, and with the Rossi Single Shot Rifle you can be assured that your hunting trip will be a success. 22 WMR at an attractive price. Read More Let us Rossi Single Shot Youth Break Open 410 Gauge Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. Pay no interest for 90 days (if amount financed is $1000 or greater). I have a single shot Rossi shotgun that I will be sacrificing to the DuraCoat gods next weekend. 17 HMR caliber gun. Rossi’s website lists approximately 10 centerfire calibers, 3 rimfire calibers, as well as shotgun and muzzleloader barrels. 82 $152. Wild West Guns Canada (780) 426-4866. 00 $369. The Rossi Turkey shotgun is designed to be ready for turkey hunting right out of the box. is located in a scenic mountain valley in Western Wyoming. Rossi firearms parts accessories aftermarket Rossi stock with tactical forend for sale. The original long range hunting rifles from the 1800's had to be accurate, powerful, and easily maintainable-- the best design to accomplish these goals was the single shot rifle. Just got one for my grandson. I did forget to Rossi shotguns are the timeless single-shot break-open breech shotgun design updated with the most modern safety features. In the past, Rossi had produced and distributed 12 gauge single-shot shotguns as well, but these have since been discontinued. Rossi, however, denies all allegations of wrongdoing and liability alleged in the lawsuit, and the Court has not decided who is right. Perfect for almost any hunting scenario. Items 1 - 48 of 1326 Shop our handgun kits. 38 Special and . 5 Overall Length: 29. 38 Special models of lever action rifles like the M92 and the modern target / varmint RB series chambered in . Rossi shotguns use the timeless single shot break open breech design updated with the most modern safety features. Rossi Firearm Trifecta Youth Single Shot 20 Ga 3 Mod Nickel 22 Barrel Braztech $134. 410-bore, break-open shotgun, The Rossi Tuffy is an ideal platform for first-time shooters and can also be used as a pack gun or even a vehicle gun, provided that Rossi shotguns feature a timeless single-shot, break-open breech design updated with the most modern safety features imaginable. 99; Savage Model 42 Takedown 22LR/410 Gauge Combination Gun $449. paracord, One 00 buckshot shell, and 3 birdshot shells. If You Have Any Merging heritage and premium manufacturing with today’s small-bore renaissance is a bold line of Rossi bolt-action and semi-auto rimfire rifles. 3 lbs depending on the barrel length that comes in either matte nickel or matte blue finish. Classic . Didn't own a single shotgun. 22 LR Description: This Rossi is modeled after the Thompson Center single shot break actions, with multiple barrels. Fed. They incorporate transfer bar technology to help prevent accidental discharges and feature a manual safety. 99; A single shot rifle with a simple break action is not expensive to manufacture, and it is an inherently accurate design. 339 99. The 410 was the first gun I ever fired. 410 Gauge Single-Shot Shotgun $136. This would be even lighter and I would hate to feel what it would do. Even one of my Contender barrels doesn't open/close very smoothly. 5 B Brand: BrazTech|Rossi Model: Tuffy Single Shot Shotgun Type: Shotgun: Single Shot Caliber: 410 Gauge Finish: Blue Action: Single Shot Stock: Black Synthetic Thumbhole Grip Stock Sight: Bead Front Sight Barrel Length: 18. Rossi Tuffy 410 Gauge Turkey Single Shot Shotgun with OD Green Stock $199. Jul 31, 2012 · Also Ross Seyfied wrote about medium sized BP single shots and took a 36 cal elk hunting. They are made to fit a 24" barreled gun, so if you're shooting a rifle with a shorter barrel, leave about 3" sticking out the end of the magazine tube and cut the rest off. The Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol then became a rare but real weapon. Firearms bearing the Rossi name have led the way in design and engineering, all the while remaining an affordable product without any sacrifice to quality. This is an excellent small caliber. Browse Rossi guns for sale on Gunstar, the #1 shooting marketplace in the UK. Developed by using some of the very most sturdy and long lasting resources in existence, these Gun Parts from Rossi provides you with an item which will give a great deal of consistency. H&R single shots are more expensive but come with wood stocks. 99 Savage 301 20 Gauge Single-Shot Shotgun with Mossy Oak Bottomland Stock $204. This gun has a 16. I found it to be a well made piece with acceptable accuracy. 87 $ 13. 22 Magnum,. 99: 0 Rossi Rossie 1994 Gun of the Year Catalog BuyItNow! $4. Asked Gallery of Guns about H&R closing. Wrist breaking recoil is what can be expected from this Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol. This site provides values and information on firearms in a convenient online pricing guide format, and allows you to find out what your used guns are worth. 7950. Rossi Matched Pair Single 410/22 LR Rifle Let's get that youngster in the field and hunting with the Rossi Youth Rifle/Shotgun Matched Set. Features a durable  Pistols · Pistolen Custom Shop · Revolver · Revolver Western · Revolver Custom Shop · Single Shot Pistols · Extra Pistol Barrels · Magazines · Grips Pistols  Results 1 - 12 of 12 Compare and research Single Shot Handguns. I’d like to think they can’t screw up a break-action single shot. 410 gauges can be combined with. The compact and light  six shot cap and ball pistol with an octagonal barrel. They come with 18. 410 GA. 95 Rossi Single Shot - Synthetic Stock Set - Standard Frame - Youth Style Forend Compare prices for BrazTech|Rossi Single Shot Turkey 410 Gauge SSP1-TKY from all vendors from Wikiarms. 5" barrel and weighs just over 4 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Be the first to review “Rossi Single Shot 410” Cancel reply. Here, sport shooters, hunters, security personnel and The following are the options that I'm aware of for single-shot long guns with interchangeable barrels, listed (roughly) in order of increasing cost (MSRPs used where possible to keep pricing fair, though obviously I can expect to get them cheaper) with some details, pros, and cons: Rossi W (previously called Wizard) Description: Rossi Adjustable Shotforce Stock and Forend by ATI, Black. This firearm is not available through our online store. This is a fun and very accurate rifle that does well with all manner of handlods and factory loads. CUSTOMER CARE 229-210-2727 or 800-948-8029. Rossi Ranch Hand . 5" Black 5 Round By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. Designed as a simple, single-shot,. 5s. 308 Win Single Shot 23" Blued Wood RW60830823B Rossi Interchangable Barrel 410ga 28" RW94336B Rossi Interchangable Barrel 20ga 28" RW94320B Rossi Interchangable Barrel 12ga 28" RW94312B Rossi Interchangable Barrel . £499 US$624/€552. 27 Feb 2019 Single-shot, bolt-action, lever-action and revolver rifles are legal in the UK law defines a 'pistol' as a firearm with a barrel shorter than 30 cm  8 Apr 2016 vii) any air rifle, air gun or air pistol that uses, or is designed or adapted (c) Revolvers, single-shot pistols and self-loading pistols which are  Achetez votre Rossi Carabine à levier de sous-garde 1892 M175 Stainless à 899 ,00€ sur la boutique Carabines de Frankonia. The Rossi Tuffy is a great single shot shotgun. Their rifles are incredibly lightweight and versatile. The load was a 160gr lead bullet going 1600fps. Especially if you’re just getting into revolvers, at around $350 the Rossi The Rossi revolution of firearm design and manufacture started with the founding of the company in 1889 by Amadeo Rossi. 5" wth a 22" barrel. Kind of suspect a single shot . 357 Magnum ballistics got a tremendous boost from a long carbine barrel, I fired a few single shot rounds through the traps of my chronograph using the 16″ Rossi and a 4. 5 Barrel, Black Finish, Polymer Receiver, Synthetic Stock, Single Shot, Bead Sight SSP1-BK WHY GARRISON'S GUNS? Our Mission is to provide our customers with the greatest selection and availability of any store with fair prices and excellent customer service. This is a country of proud traditions and a history of individualism. rossi single shot pistol

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